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    Edinburgh is more than just castles, pubs, and city life. Read on to discover 8 Unique Reasons to Visit Edinburgh!

    8 Unique Reasons to Visit Edinburgh

    Travel Tips Western Europe

    First impressions of Edinburgh were pretty solid. The historic core of the city is exceptionally compact, it’s like wandering through the past. Old brick buildings sit along the city blocks, some stones faded and worn, others tinted red. Businesses and pubs sit below street level, candles flickering in windows, music wafting out the door each time it opens. Doors painted bold colors, adorned with gold fixtures, are as charming as you imagine. Edinburgh truly is a magical and dreamy place.…

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    What to Do in Lake Bled

    We hopped a bus from Ljubljana to Bled, a quick drive up the valley, tracing the river to our destination. The bus rounded a bend, the lake coming into view,…