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Sunsets in Budapest at the Hotel President

Dawn vs. Dusk in Budapest

I used to be a sunset person. As a night owl, it fit my inner clock better than the sunrise. I loved blue hour, when the evening glow hit the horizon, bursts…


The Healing Sea

I’m a complicated water baby. I was born in early July as a cancer: a moody crab grasping at life, longing simultaneously for the adventurous sea and the safe feeling of ‘home’.…


With Childlike Abandon

I watched several brave souls make the move before I even contemplated it. One by one, they grasped the handrail, hopping over the plunging gap and onto the bow of the boat…

Budapest is a city full of good coffee. Here's where to find it.
Budapest Travel Tips

The Best Coffee in Budapest

Growing up outside of Seattle, I developed a refined coffee palette. At least that’s how I prefer to describe my nearly out-of-control crazed caffeine addiction. Let me set the scene: The wafting…

Travel Tips

Accidental Memories

Despite the late October chill christening the air, the sun, streaming through the branches of towering evergreens, warmed my face. I sat atop small boulders lining the riverbed, digging my heals deeper…


A Walk in Triglav National Park

The trail is to the left before you cross the bridge. I memorized this tip from our Slovenian host as our car cautiously hugged narrow corners along the famously beautiful Vršič Pass in Triglav…

Cake culture in Budapest

A Cake is Worth a Thousand Bites

Strolling by a cukrászda (a bakery with CAKE and other sweet delights), my heart skips a beat. I get nervous; my palms sweat, my mouth is dry. I make brief eye contact…


Budapest: Seasons and Emotions

As I left my flat this morning, I was greeted by a frigid, subzero wind rushing steadily through our narrow street. The sky was gray, gradual flurries floating down from billowed snow clouds, and…