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Central Europe Poland


It’s not what you think… Dusk came early that evening, the sun dipping below the nearby snow-capped peaks, enveloping the little town of Zakopane in a restless pre-winter chill. It was the…

Bavarian Alps, Germany
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Finding Fall

It’s October, a highly anticipated month as summer settles and autumn abounds. But here I sit, ever so patiently in Madrid… waiting, waiting, waiting… for those leaves to pop. Some have started…

Sunsets in Budapest at the Hotel President

Dawn vs. Dusk in Budapest

I used to be a sunset person. As a night owl, it fit my inner clock better than the sunrise. I loved blue hour, when the evening glow hit the horizon, bursts…


The Healing Sea

I’m a complicated water baby. I was born in early July as a cancer: a moody crab grasping at life, longing simultaneously for the adventurous sea and the safe feeling of ‘home’.…