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    There are so many unique reasons to visit Budapest, including this gorgeous lighting.

    8 Unique Reasons to Visit Budapest

    Budapest Travel Tips

    During our first visit to Budapest, we arrived late at night. It was dark and moody, and we were tired. We hailed a taxi at the airport, the driver greeting us with breathless Hungarian and a cigarette dangling from his mouth. He unapologetically sped through the darkened streets, whizzing around corners and gambling with shortcuts through narrow alleyways. Old lamps were strung above, subtly illuminating the city’s charm in a shy introduction. We arrived at our accommodation in one piece…

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  • Budapest

    Dawn vs. Dusk in Budapest

    I used to be a sunset person. As a night owl, it fit my inner clock better than the sunrise. I loved blue hour, when the evening glow hit the…

  • Budapest is a city full of good coffee. Here's where to find it.
    Budapest Travel Tips

    Coffee Break in Budapest

    Growing up outside of Seattle, I developed a refined coffee palette. At least that’s how I prefer to describe my nearly out-of-control crazed caffeine addiction. Let me set the scene:…

  • Budapest

    A Cake is Worth a Thousand Bites

    Strolling by a cukrászda (a bakery with CAKE and other sweet delights), my heart skips a beat. I get nervous; my palms sweat, my mouth is dry. I make brief…

  • Budapest

    Budapest: Seasons and Emotions

    As I left my flat this morning, I was greeted by a frigid, subzero wind rushing steadily through our narrow street. The sky was gray, gradual flurries floating down from billowed snow…