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Hi, I’m Ash and I’m an English teacher. For the past two years, I lived in Budapest, Hungary with my partner, Dan, and our cat, Cleo. We spent all our free time exploring our city and the intriguing region of Central Eastern Europe, quickly falling in love with both. But life is about taking risks, right? So for now, we’ll leave our beloved Budapest behind and try our luck in Madrid, Spain.

The purpose of Cairn and Compass is for both me and you. As I forge my own adventures, I’d like to leave “cairns” on this blog so that I can relive my memories. It’s important to me to remember the subtle details of a trip or experience, to recall the sounds, smells, and emotions. The best way for me to do that is to reflect and write. Perhaps these musings can inspire you too. And, much like a compass, perhaps they can offer a guide for similar adventures.

Thanks for visiting and reading, and I wish you luck in your own adventures!    

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