The Most Instagrammable Spots in Budapest.

The Most Instagrammable Spots in Budapest

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Budapest tops my list as one of Europe’s most photogenic cities. It’s hipper than Paris, a bit more raw than Vienna, and matches the energy of Istanbul and Berlin. The architecture stuns by day, and shimmers by night as the city greets its dusky blue hour. Because of this, the list of the most Instagrammable spots in Budapest is long. It’s truly the perfect place for those clutching a selfie stick, or ‘doing it for the gram’.

The Most Instagrammable Spots in Budapest

I collaborated with a blogger to write a day-to-night guide for Budapest. (You can read it here.) After publishing it, I noticed that my ideal day in the city centered around a lot of gazing, a lot of side-street-scoping, and a lot of architecture-hunting. That’s because you can barely cross the street without gasping at the sight of a beautiful building, a funky door, or an enticing courtyard. The city is literally an Instagrammer’s paradise. It’s actually hard to distinguish the most Instagrammable spots in Budapest because there are just so many.

But, after living in the city for two years, here is my personal take on how to score Instagram Gold in Budapest.

The Most Instagrammable Spots in Budapest

Szechenyi Bath is maybe the most Instagrammable spot in Budapest

1 | Széchenyi Thermal Baths

Experiencing the thermal baths in Budapest is the one thing you shouldn’t skip. If you’re going strictly for a soak, I personally advise you to try one of the smaller baths (Szent Lukács or Király, for example). But if you are on the hunt for the best Instagram spot, Széchenyi is it.

The moment you enter, you know you’ve scored an Instagram goldmine. Large domes frame the entrance, steam rising from behind. High ceilings and Wes Anderson-esque cashier desks greet you. Enter the changing rooms and find row after row of white doors. But this is just the beginning.

It’s not until you step foot outside that you truly behold your treasure. The bright yellow, the turquoise water, the white columns, the steam rising into the cool air. Instagram Heaven. Hopefully you spy the retired men entertaining the tourists with their daily game of chess. Or maybe you’ll really luck out and be serenaded by fluffy snowflakes falling romantically into the pools below.

Hot Instagram Tips:

  • Go upstairs to get more of a bird’s-eye-view 
  • Buy a beer and pose with the pools for a carefree holiday photo
  • Go early to avoid the massive crowds (or late at night in the summer for a spa party!)

One of the Most Instagrammable Spots in Budapest!

2 | Fisherman’s Bastion

For that perfect view (truly the best Instagram spot) enter Fisherman’s Bastion from the front, off of Hunyadi János street. You have two options. One: a gradual stroll through the greenery, the brick shifting from white to muted red, leading you to a narrow staircase where the shadows are prime. Or, two: a grand staircase of stark white, your eye transfixed on the intricate details of Matthias Church above and the several turrets framing your view.

As you wander the grounds, there are endless corners and vantage points that offer some of the most Instagrammable spots in Budapest. Try being framed by the stone as the Parliament peeks out from across the water. Or trek to higher ground and enjoy a glass of wine as the sun dips into the hills. Or sit and contemplate life on one of the bold red benches.

Hot Instagram Tips:

  • Visit in the daylight, but don’t miss it at night
  • Rise with the sun for some of the most unbelievable lighting and zero crowds
  • If you go during the winter, you can sneak up to the top for free

The Most Instagrammable Spots in Budapest

3 | Szimpla Kert

What’s not Instagrammable about a derelict alleyway turned into a hipster paradise? This definitely tops the list for one of the most Instagrammable spots in Budapest. This place is an Instagrammer’s dream… and also a maze of treasures. This means that no one picture is really the same. As you enter, sneak into one of the  side staircases and follow the turns. You’ll find a rickety iron railing surrounded by old brick and about one million green plants. Look down. Next, follow the rooms as the zigzag around the premise and admire all the oddities.

Mix-matched chairs in bold colors, art smothering the walls, a bar surrounded by people hunched over frothy beers, lamps from a forgotten time, and trinkets in every corner. Follow the metal staircase down and you’ll find yourself outside in the courtyard. An old Trabant car sits empty (hopefully) begging to be photographed. And, don’t miss the bunny-themed room where you can order giant carrot sticks as a drunken snack. Only in Budapest… Perfect for Instagram.

Hot Instagram Tips:

  • Check this place out during the day and at night – it’s a completely different scene
  • Enjoy the weekend farmer’s market or vintage clothes fair
  • Check the website for events – it doesn’t get much more Instagrammable than a vintage movie projected on a brick wall

The Most Instagrammable Spots in Budapest

4 | Krúdy Gyula utca

There are too many beautiful streets in Budapest to keep track, but this one stands out. At first, the busy, modern intersection near Kálvin Square may confuse you, but keep wandering. Eventually the streets begin to age, red cobblestones lined with leafy trees. Charming architecture pokes out from behind as the sun shimmers in window reflections. A small square opens up and – bam! – you’re there.

This is a university area, so the cafes and common spaces add to the ambiance. You’ll see java addicts nursing their brew outside Lumen or several students sipping beer at Fecske. You should probably join them for the perfect Instagram pic.

Hot Instagram Tips:

  • The street is narrow, so lighting is key – go during the morning or evening
  • Check out the side streets surrounding the entire Palace District
  • Grab a coffee at Apricot to pose amongst the architecture with quirky latte art

The Most Instagrammable Spots in Budapest

5 | Kőleves Kert

Kert means garden, so any establishment offering a kert is a good clue… Instagram opportunities! This one in particular has all the charm of the perfect snap: wooden tables accented with bold colors, hammocks swinging in the breeze, and a circular bar sporting vintage signage. And as a bonus, old trees that inadvertently drop big, juicy berries (watch your head), which are often featured in some of the drinks.

Not only is it one of the most Instagrammable spots in Budapest, it’s also a delicious hangout. Your pic wouldn’t be complete without a refreshing summer fröccs (wine spritzer) or berry infused lemonade, now would it?

Hot Instagram Tips:

  • Go midday before the crowds to score a hammock
  • Order a snack to watch the vintage numbers change when your order is ready

The Most Instagrammable Spots in Budapest

6 | Batthyany tér

You’ve seen those stunning views of the Parliament building, correct? Well, they’re taken from Batthyany tér. We call this place Selfie Central because one of the most popular shots of the city exists here, across the Danube River.

This is a transport hub, so it’s easy to find. Either take Metro 2, Trams 2, 19, or 41, or the river taxi (for the best views). Then stroll until your eyes meet a perfectly even view and start snapping. You’ll surely be the envy of all your followers. When you’re finished, take in the charm of one of the bridges. Both the Chain Bridge and Margaret Bridge offer just as many Instagram opportunities.

Hot Instagram Tips:

  • Again, visit by day and night (seriously, Budapest is so beautiful at night)
  • It’s not a far walk to get that perfectly even view, so just a few more steps…
  • Sunset is perfection

The Most Instagrammable Spots in Budapest

7 | Tram 2

Did you know Tram #2 in Budapest is one of the most beautiful tram rides in the world? It’s no wonder, as it follows the UNESCO Danube Promenade, offering some of the most stunning views of the city. Start at the end at Jászai Mari Square so you have a few minutes before the tram departs. Get the perfect snap as you ascend the steps, or snag your profile reflected in the window. Then, hold on tight. You will twist and turn around the Parliament building, eventually finding the Chain Bridge and settling along the river.

It’s truly the perfect Instagram.

Hot Instagram Tips:

  • Go early and watch the sun rays awake, creating an awesome glow along the river
  • Take a pit stop at Vigadó Square to catch the perfect pic of the Chain Bridge and Castle District, or pose with the little princess statue
  • Try the other side of the river too, on Trams 19 or 41

The Most Instagrammable Spots in Budapest

8 | Liberty Bridge

In total, eight bridges connect Buda to Pest, but the Chain Bridge gets all the attention. It is the most famous bridge, that’s true; but is it the most Instagrammable? In my opinion, the Liberty Bridge takes that title, connecting the famous market hall and the Gellért Hotel. Its green tone exudes wealth, while the gold eagles and Hungarian crown give off serious royalty vibes. It photographs well in almost any condition, especially at night.

The best way to score that topnotch Instagram? Climb. Who knows when this will be outlawed and monitored, so take advantage while you can. Traversing the bridge (not too high – don’t be crazy!) is the definition of Instagram coolness.

Hot Instagram Tips:

  • Plan ahead and visit the bridge during one of the party weekends in the summer, when the bridge is closed to traffic and everything from picnics to music to yoga sessions ensue
  • Go in the morning to get that perfect shot from the middle of the road
  • Get low and capture those yellow trams contrasting perfectly with the green grandiosity

The Most Instagrammable Spots in Budapest

9 | Gellért Hill

You will notice Gellért Hill immediately. It dramatically juts out of the city, the Liberty Statue sitting proudly on top. Every inch, every path, and every season of this hill offers excellent Instagrammability.

Stroll in the summer on the northern side to feel like you’re in a leafy jungle, or admire the changing colors in autumn and bright flowers in spring. Or, risk the chill of winter because the snowy shots are Instagram gold.

Hot Instagram Tips:

  • When you reach the top, walk along the citadel until you reach the exact spot where you feel like you’re on top of the city… you’ll know what I mean
  • Ascend from the southern side for secret little lookouts

The Most Instagrammable Spots in Budapest

10 | Vienna Gate

Tourists flock to the Castle District, and it’s for good reason. It’s one of the older parts of the city, walled from medieval times. The buildings feature pastel facades, crumbling window frames, empty side streets, and old wooden benches facing the view over the less-coveted Buda side of the city. Instagram prime. 

But one of the most Instagrammable spots in Budapest rests at the less popular north entrance. As you cross under Vienna Gate, you’ll see a set of stairs. Honor your curiosity and behold your Instagram treasure. Views of red-roofed residences one side, the Castle District on the other, and Buda’s little church framing your view perfectly.

Hot Instagram Tips:

  • Once again, lighting is key, so pair this one with your sunrise visit to Fisherman’s Bastion
  • Or, go at sunset and watch the sun melt into the Buda Hills
  • While you’re there, stroll behind the Museum for some secret spots of rich red brick

11 | Elizabeth Tower in the Buda Hills

Still a bit hidden from the average tourist, Elizabeth Tower is one of the most Instagrammable spots in Budapest, hands down. It’s set deep into the Buda Hills, a rich forest ecosystem worth your visit in itself. And as the white-brick tower comes into view, your fingers will start to get itchy. They’re ready for a full-on Instagram session.

To get there, you have several Instagrammable options. You can take the Children’s Railway, an old white and red train that carries you through the dense trees, opening up incredible views of the city. You can get your blood pumping and take the hike yourself – it’s perfect for a gram about a little travel exercise. Or, ascend via the old ski lift and grab snaps of those dangling feet.

Hot Instagram Tips:

  • Avoid bad weather (unless it’s snow)
  • Perfect spots: the grand entrance from down the hill or at the tip top
  • Check out some of the other wooden towers in the area (although this one has the best view)

The Most Instagrammable Spots in Budapest

12 | Fellini Római

I could easily get in trouble divulging this hidden gem. It’s a total local’s hangout and you rarely see tourists in its vicinity. That’s because it’s hidden along the shores of the Danube River and not easily found. But once you find it, you will realize your Instagram luck. It very well could be the most Instagrammable spot in the city.

You’ll find a little wooden hut selling beer, coffee, and wine spritzers. From there, make your way to the shore where striped lounge chairs in bright contrasting colors open the scene. Water laps at your feet as you relax in a scene reminiscent of an Italian coastline. So Instagram.

Hot Instagram Tips:

  • Take the river taxi for easier access and a cheap river “cruise”
  • Go first thing (they usually open in the afternoon) to snag a seat near the river

The Most Instagrammable Spots in Budapest

13 | Fekete

Craving that perfect speciality coffee with the perfect Instagram scene? Look no further than Fekete. Its terrace is nearly the definition of Instagram with bright facades and a babbling fountain, completed with a string of paper lanterns that will perfectly compliment that latte art.

Although the terrace is where you get the gram, don’t forget to spend time inside too. There are endless photo opportunities with its stark-white interior, short hipster stools, high windows, and Edison bulbs hanging on knotted strings. A lone flower sits in a beaker-style vase and your java will be presented in a signature Fekete mug. All this truly screams Instagram.

Hot Instagram Tips:

  • Fekete is located in a courtyard, so go during a dry day
  • Devour the food because it’s delicious

The Most Instagrammable Spots in Budapest

14 | Funicular

Not only are funiculars a unique mode of transportation, Budapest’s adds a dose of vintage Instragram-worthy appeal. The dark mahogany color, old windows popped open during a warm day, and its slow rise of enchanting views of the city make this one of the most Instagrammable spots in Budapest. 

Whether you opt to take the Margit or the Gellért, you’ll score that perfect pose and feel like you’ve stepped back in time. Instagram secret: ask your photographer to walk halfway down the hill and settle on the pedestrian bridge that spans the funicular track. Snag a seat at the very front and get that perfect shot of your beautiful face gazing out the window, the grandiosity of Budapest reflected back.

Hot Instagram Tips:

  • This is a popular tourist site, so the early birds gets the gram
  • Purchase a roundtrip ticket (it’s a better deal and hooray for two rides)
  • Snag a seat at the top for one ride, and at the bottom for the other

The Most Instagrammable Spots in Budapest

15 | Budai Váralagút

This tunnel is what extends the connection of Buda and Pest. It’s a beautiful sight from below, but I’m sure you’re wondering how to get to the top. At least, I hope you are because it wouldn’t be one of the most Instagrammable spots in Budapest without a little curiosity!

While staring up at your prize, take the trail to your right. When it branches, hang a left and you’ll soon happen upon this little oasis (this is also how you get to the pedestrian bridge to score the perfect funicular pic). Iron fencing allows for the classic lean as the Chain Bridge, connecting to Gresham Palace, steals the show.

Hot Instagram Tips:

  • For this spot, go at night
  • Or rather, go at dusk. You’ll watch the lights of the Chain Bridge flicker, slowly changing from green to gold
  • Bring some wine and make a summer night out of it

With so many beautiful spots in Budapest, it’s certainly hard to narrow down this list. Stay tuned for another article on even more of the most Instagrammable spots in Budapest, but in the meantime you have plenty to work with! I’m curious, which spot will fit your Instagram feed the best?

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The Most Instagrammable Spots in Budapest


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