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Where to Find Street Art in Europe

Where to Find Street Art in Europe

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Wandering through the quaint and picture-perfect UNESCO town of Česky Krumlov in Czechia, I didn’t expect to find much street art. When you think of street art in Europe, you definitely don’t image this little cookie-cutter village. Česky isn’t Berlin, to state the obvious. But to my surprise, I turned a corner and saw this image staring back at me: I was instantly amused. It’s a beautiful piece of street art, sending a clever message, and creative in composition. But…

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The Ultimate European Road Trip: Slovenia
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The Ultimate Road Trip: Slovenia

I’ve pledged my love for Slovenia multiple times on this blog. It’s no longer a secret. I’ve been twice in the chilly winter months, witnessing this country’s snowy, holiday appeal. I’ve experienced…

Is Travel one of Your New Year Resolutions? Then Check out These 18 Hidden European Gems for Your 2018!
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18 European Hidden Gems for 2018

Did some form of travel make it on your New Year resolutions list? It certainly made it on mine. Even though I’m extremely grateful for the travel I’ve been able to experience…

The Top Things to do in Lake Bled
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What to Do in Lake Bled

We hopped a bus from Ljubljana to Bled, a quick drive up the valley, tracing the river to our destination. The bus rounded a bend, the lake coming into view, reflected town…